It is not until October 02, 2018 that the publication of Law 39/2015 of 2nd October 2016 of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, which regulates the practice of notifications in Spain through electronic means, produces effect. Once the date has expired, the term is extended for two more years.

Subsequently, and according to RD Law 27/2020 of the 4th August on financial measures of an extraordinary and urgent nature, applicable to local entities, a new six-month extension is established – this time motivated by the health crisis of COVID-19 – and with an end date of the 2nd April 2021, for the entry into force of the relative provisions with:

  • Administrative record of powers of attorney,
  • Electronic fillings,
  • Qualified public employees,
  • Administration General Electronic Access Point (PAGe)
  • and single electronic file.

The purpose of this Law is to implement electronic administration in the procedures and validation of citizens’ requirements, shorten the times for submitting applications, notifications and responses, and thus improve efficiency in the use of public resources.

In this sense, publications with new guidelines regarding the entry into force of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations are expected since April to continue advancing in the digital transformation of electronic notifications.

From Arintass, we can help you to obtain and/ or update your electronic certificate, as well as advise you on the management of your enabled electronic address, which entails compliance in form and term of all responsibilities that the notifications received from the different public entities could generate:

  • State Tax Administration Agency,
  • General Treasury of Social Security,
  • General direction of traffic,
  • Noticeboard for edicts,
  • Gencat,
  • Lexnet,
  • City Council Administrations,
  • Regional Administrations,
  • Courts,
  • General Direction of Commerce and Consumption,
  • and the Spanish Protection Data Agency.
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