French-speaking Desk in Spain

The purpose of Arintass Corporate Consultants’ french-speaking desk in Spain is to support French companies active in Spain. At Arintass, our consultants advise companies in French on labour, accounting, tax and legal matters.

The geographical proximity of Spain to France and the close historic relationship shared by both countries have created a special cultural bond and solid trading relationships between the two.

France is currently the leading commercial partner of Spain. More than 1,300 French companies are active in our country and they create employment for more than 300,000 people. There are numerous reasons for choosing Spain, including, but not limited to: a prominent geographical location with access to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Latin America; a highly qualified workforce with very competitive labour costs; a modern and high quality network of infrastructure for air, sea and land transport, etc.

The improved economic conditions in Spain, on the one hand, and the recent results of the French Presidential election, on the other, will help to solidify the relationship between France and Spain in all fields, both within the EU and at a bilateral level.

Consultants of French-speaking companies active in Spain

On this basis, Arintass‘ department of corporate advisers has decided to establish a French department. Consisting of native and bilingual French-speaking staff, our consultants offer advice on labour, accounting, tax and legal matters. Our in-depth knowledge of the French and Spanish corporate cultures, along with personalised support and proven experience in consultancy services provided to French clients, make us an ideal partner for those hoping to undertake, develop and expand their commercial activity in Spain.

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