International Team of Consultants in Spain

Melissa Aguilar | Arintass

Melissa Aguilar

Managing Director / Tax Lawyer

Mª Esther Lattrónico

Tax and Accounting Consultant / Manager Administration and Finance

Jose Ortiz | Arintass

Jose Ortiz

Manager Accounting and Tax

Adriana Quintero | Arintass

Adriana Quintero

Labour and Payroll Manager

Natalia Almeida | Arintass

Natalia Almeida

Junior Payroll Specialist

Roberto Berzal | Arintass

Roberto Berzal

Payroll and HR Specialist

María Cava | Arintass

María Cava

Administrative Procedures

Enrique Colino

Accounting and Tax Specialist

Jacqueline Hincapié | Arintass

Jacqueline Hincapié

Financial Accounting Specialist

Eva López | Arintass

Eva López

Accounting and Tax Specialist

Julia Martínez | Arintass

Julia Martínez

Marketing and Commercial Management

Lucas Matesanz | Arintass

Lucas Matesanz

Accounting and Tax Specialist

Vanessa Ramírez

Financial Accounting Specialist

Job Offers


ARINTASS is a company that provides tax, accounting, legal, human resources and payroll services. It is a young and constantly growing company composed of an international team of highly qualified professionals. An experienced team in the integral advice to national and foreign clients that offers its services in Spanish, German, French and English.

We offer the following student internships for its offices in Madrid:

Economics and/or ADE students

RequirementsTasksWe offer
The student’s native language must be English, German, French or Spanish. In case it is not Spanish, he/she must have a high level of Spanish (minimum B2).Interns will assist consultants with topical issues.Duration of the internship: minimum 3 to 6 months.
The student must have an adequate insurance for the duration of the internship.Work together with our marketing department.Integration into a young and international team.
A signed agreement between the student, the university and our company is required, including the insurance coverage.Help us with article publications.Please note that this are unpaid internships.
 Be allowed to perform tasks in front of different authorities/institutions. 

If you are interested and meet the requirements, please send your CV to:
Julia Martínez (

Rapid response


Innovative ideas


Use of cutting-edge technology


Clear and direct communication