Comprehensive Electronic Communications Service and Content Assessment in Spain

As a result of the latest requirements concerning electronic communications with Public Administrations stemming from the Royal Decree-Law 11/2018 of 31 August, Arintass is expanding its Electronic Communications Department, offering a comprehensive service, not just for communications sent from the mailbox of the Tax Agency and Social Security, but for all communications sent through the Citizens’ Portal. Additionally, Arintass will assess the content of said notifications, as it had previously been doing to date.

Here at Arintass, we have named our new Department Comprehensive Electronic Communications Service and Content Assessment (Known by its Spanish initials, SICEVACON).

We are aware that our clients are not only concerned about receiving electronic notifications from the Public Administrations, but also about ensuring that an effective, professional, multidisciplinary group assesses the scope and effects of such notifications in order to prevent any sort of fines or penalties. To this end, Arintass has a team of highly-qualified accountants, Social Security experts, labour lawyers, tax consultants and lawyers with expertise in other fields who, without further delay, receive and assess the content of any notifications received.

The services to be provided by our SICEVACON department are as follows:

  • Downloading of electronic notifications
  • Analysis and assessment of their content
  • Informing the client of their content along with a risk assessment and, where applicable, of what steps they should follow and in what timeframes.

Nevertheless, Arintass will continue to provide its usual services monitoring the notifications sent from the Tax Agency and Social Security mailbox in Spain.