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Immediate Supply of Information on VAT (SII in Spain)

The latest regulatory and technical modifications for the keeping of VAT record books will become effective on 1 July 2018. These modifications are published under Order HFP/187/2018, of 22 February, whereby it is intended to finalise details and correct the errors that have been coming to light in the SII in Spain since it entered into force on 1 July 2017.

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Extra hours and overtime in Spain

Controlling the working day is usually a problem for the employer, either because they don´t want their workers to feel controlled, because they don´t know which system to implement or because they are not interested in controlling the overtime in Spain. It is important that companies keep track of the days worked by their staff, so as to control the hours worked by each employee and have a justification for any legal issue.

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The obligation of freelancers in Spain (or self-employed workers) to join the RED system

On 6 March, the Official Spanish State Gazette issued Order ESS/214/2018, which requires self-employed workers to join the RED System and receive online notifications. This is a new obligation of freelancers in Spain (or self-employed workers). This can be carried out either directly by the self-employed professional or through a RED-authorised third party, and will be mandatory from 1 October onwards.

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