Administrative Procedures in Spain

There are a series of administrative procedures that every resident and non-resident company with some form of activity in Spain is required to complete. Our team of administrative procedures in Spain will give you the corresponding solution.

The fulfilment of these obligations requires knowledge of the appropriate regulations, on the one hand, and awareness of the relevant bodies and institutions, on the other.


Among the administrative procedures in Spain we provide:

  • Obtaining the Foreign national’s Tax Identification Number (N.I.E.)
  • Registration as Sole Director with the Spanish Tax Authorities
  • Obtaining the temporary and permanent Tax Identification Number (N.I.F.) of the company
  • Settlement of the Tax on Property Conveyances and Documented Legal Acts at the corresponding settlement office
  • Declarations to the National Statistics Institute (INE)
  • Declarations to the Bank of Spain
  • Document filing service
  • Face-to-face procedures at the Town Hall (Trade income tax/IAE, Property Tax/IBI)
  • Any other regulation or process before Spanish bodies arising under any new laws or regulations.