English-speaking Desk in Spain

Arintass Corporate Consultants’ English-speaking desk in Spain provides consultancy services in tax, labour, accounting and legal matters to English-speaking companies with interests in Spain.

The economic and trade relations between Spain and the UK are deeply rooted. Especially significant is the bilateral trade in the automotive, mechanical machinery and agro-food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Outside of the EU, the US is the main commercial partner of Spain. There is a strong trading relationship between both countries which is predominantly centred around the automotive, mechanical machinery, pharmaceutical and aeronautical industries.

Furthermore, taking advantage of the economic conditions in our country, many foreign companies have opted to expand their activity in Spain. International, and particularly American, funds clearly demonstrate confidence in the economic recovery of the country.

Arintass‘ department of corporate advisers is fully aware of the importance of English in the business world, which is why we have opted to establish an English-speaking department. It is tasked with supporting a growing client base that is active in Spain in a wide range of sectors including: the motor industry, the pharmaceutical industry, financial services, the health sector, marketing and telecommunications. Our English-speaking department uses its know-how to identify our clients´ specific needs and provides them with strategic and comprehensive solutions that are suited to their business models.

Consultants of English-speaking companies active in Spain

The English-speaking department of Arintass boasts a highly qualified bilingual team that has extensive knowledge of Spanish legislation. Our consultants have vast experience in dealing with foreign clients and provide comprehensive consultancy services in administrative-accounting, tax, labour and legal matters.

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