Corporate Consultants

Comprehensive, high-quality advice, responsive, flexible and tailored to your every need.

New Address

Poeta Joan Maragall, 3, 1ºC

28020 Madrid

Accounting Consultants

Accounting advice in Spain, production of financial statements, preparation of accounting records

Tax Consultants

Tax returns, withholding tax returns, due diligence, incorporation and liquidation of companies

HR Consultants

Company and employee management, corporate insurance, staff administration, and monitoring of vacation days


Corporate law, commercial contracting, procedural law, data protection and labour law

International Team

Arintass Corporate Consultants is made up of highly qualified lawyers and economists. Our consultants have a large experience providing comprehensive advice to domestic and foreign clients in English, German, French and Spanish. We speak your language.

International Coverage

Arintass belongs to AGN International, an association of world class advisers, consultants and auditors. This enables us to support you in every aspect of your business at an international level, and always guarantee the highest quality.


Under the seal of Arintass we have established four main areas of business in which to provide our clients with a comprehensive and effective management model and guarantee the success of their investments in Spain.

We are supported by the 10 years of experience we have acquired in Spain. More than 200 clients endorse us.


We want to be your consultants in Spain and actively contribute to the success of your business. Tell us your needs and we will come up with a customised solution.

We want to grow with you.


Confidence & respect, open and clear communication to establish long-term relationships.

Team: professional and competitive, motivated and passionate, committed to its clients.

Efficiency: always at the forefront of the most innovative solutions.