HR Consultants in Spain

The advice offered by the team of HR Consultants in Spain includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:


Company and employee management

  • Opening national insurance contribution account for new companies, and obtaining secondary accounts
  • Providing advice on and management of the recruitment of employees
  • Managing employee registrations, leave and changes (RED system)
  • Calculating employee payslips and settlements
  • Producing labour cost reports
  • Preparing lists of payslips and managing remittances
  • Digital processing of medical certificates, extension of leave and end of leave due to Temporary Incapacity
  • Processing of Workplace Accident Reports (DELTA system)
  • Production of the company certificate for the application for benefits due to a temporary incapacity, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc.
  • Processing work permits (Act 14/2013):
    • Highly qualified professionals
    • Researchers
    • Intra-corporate transfers (relocation of employees within a single business or group of businesses).

Taxes and social security

  • Production and calculation of regular tax returns and annual personal income tax (IRPF) summary
  • Monthly monitoring of the IRPF calculation
  • Certificate of withholdings
  • Management and monthly monitoring of social security (SILTRA).

Other services

  • Monitoring and issuing of any electronic Social Security communications to clients
  • Storing (physical and virtual) and monitoring any company documentation
  • Coordinating employees through various company activity coordination platforms (UCAGECI, Coordinaware, Dokify)
  • Staff administration:
    • Mediation between company and employees
    • Monitoring holidays
    • Monitoring absenteeism
    • Managing and monitoring trust accounts.