German-speaking Desk in Spain

Arintass Corporate Consultants’ german-speaking desk in Spain has provided tax, labour, accounting and legal services for more than ten years to German, Austrian and Swiss companies with interests in Spain.

Germany, as the leading economic power in Europe and with a strong trading relationship with Spain, heads the ranking of countries with the largest number of branches based in Spain. Especially relevant are the bilateral trade relations in the automotive industry, semi-processed parts and capital goods. Switzerland leads the way in the sectors of new information technologies, finance and the digital economy while Austria sets the standards in the industrial machinery and logistics sectors; these countries are also notable for their volume of foreign investment in Spain.

Consultants of German, Austrian and Swiss companies active in Spain

The German department of Arintass comprises a highly qualified, native and bilingual team. Our professionals have integrated German culture into their working practices and communication with clients; this aspect is widely appreciated by a client base that is looking both for a representative in Spain to deal with their queries in German and also a solid partner with in-depth knowledge of German and Spanish-speaking markets while embracing the mentality of both cultures.

The German department of Arintass has, for many years, been responsible for a portfolio of national and international clients involved in various economic activities in finance, health, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and marketing, to name but a few. The aims of these clients to set up and develop their business in Spain have received personalised attention from our consultants, whose know-how has enabled them to identify client needs and provide the necessary support at all times. The success of our clients is our greatest satisfaction, while their trust is our greatest guarantee. Or: Our clients´ success is our highest priority, while their trust is our greatest guarantee.

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