Accounting Consultants in Spain

Keeping your accounts up to date allows you to monitor your cash position, reduce your tax liability and check the financial situation of your company at all times. It enables you to make the most appropriate decisions and take the best course of action in the interest of the company. Our accounting consultants in Spain will give you the corresponding solution.

In Spain, Article 24 of the Code of Commerce establishes the obligation of keeping accounts for all natural and legal persons who undertake commercial activities:

All businesses must keep orderly accounts of their business activities which allow all their operations to be monitored chronologically, as well as periodically prepare balance sheets and inventories. Notwithstanding the terms set forth in the law or any other regulations, inventories and annual financial statements as well as daily reports must be kept.


Our accounting consultants in Spain offer you:

  • Accounting advice
  • Codification of operations according to their commercial nature
  • Analytical accounting
  • Advice on and adaptation of the accounting methods of non-resident clients to ensure compliance with Spanish regulations
  • Advice on the production of mandatory accounting records
  • Regular accounting (particular or client’s ERP system)
  • Review of accounts (frequency determined by the client)
  • Regular accounting summary in the format and according to the needs and company policy of the client
  • Updating of accounts in default
  • Production, authentication and submission of financial statements and accounting records
  • Preparation of mandatory accounting records of companies with any accounting system other than the general accounting system (PGC).