As a result of the latest reform of the General Accounting Plan in 2021, the annual accounts must be governed by the new models approved in Order JUS/616/2022 for filing with the corresponding Commercial Register.

This regulation brings with it the following amendments:

  • The changes introduced in the Spanish model have also been incorporated in the bilingual models
  • All annual financial reports are produced in a single electronic format for reporting, which have also been adapted in bilingual format 
  • Parent undertakings applying International Accounting Standards IAS/IFRS shall use the single European electronic format, also updated, for the presentation of consolidated annual accounts
  • The non-financial information and the management report must henceforth be presented separately as an appendix, in accordance with the requirements of article 262.5 of the consolidated text of the Capital Companies Act:
  1. The average number of employees employed during the financial year is more than 500
  2. They must either be considered public-interest entities in accordance with auditing legislation or, for two consecutive financial years, meet at least two of the following criteria at the end of each financial year:

– That the total of the asset items exceeds 20,000,000 euros

– That the net annual turnover exceeds 40,000,000 euros

– That the average number of employees employed during the financial year is over 250.

  • The publication of the electronic filing forms may be submitted telematically to the Commercial Register, as provided for in Annex II of the Order
  • The approval of the double error correction test for accounts submitted in computerised form is compulsory and its absence will prevent the generation of the computerised form, as set out in Annex III.

This new regulation repeals the previous regulation referring to Order JUS/793/2021, of 22 July, thus approving the new models for the filing of the annual accounts of obliged parties with the Commercial Register.

The Directorate General for Legal Certainty and Faith will be responsible for the entry into force of this new Order JUS/616/2022.

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