The process to obtain a digital certificate in Spain, whether a natural person or a business, is quite an important step considering the increasing digitalisation of public administration.

This certificate is issued in a way that links one holder to another, by verifying signatures and confirming identities.

  • The certificate can be issued to both natural and legal persons
  • It is a document containing identification details in a digital format
  • It allows information to be exchanged between people, companies and bodies with a guarantee of who is exchanging information.

The aim of using a digital certificate in Spain before the Spanish authorities is to streamline processes, save money and reduce problems with attending or travelling to different offices as it allows a wide range of administrative tasks to be carried out virtually.

One of the benefits for people who use the digital certificate in Spain is that they can find out the identity of the interested parties. Its main function is to allow the holder to be securely identified online and because it is essential and prioritised, it is a way to irrefutably verify a person or company in the digital world.

Some examples of what the digital certificate in Spain can be used for are:

  • Submit and pay taxes to tax agencies
  • Request a CAC (contribution account code) in order to pay social security
  • Carry out formalities related to legal entities using the signature
  • Submit claims and forms to councils, ministries etc.
  • View traffic fines for vehicles as well as identify drivers
  • Register or make enquires at registry offices and local councils
  • Request subsidies
  • Electronically sign private documents and official forms.

The digital certificate in Spain allows administrative procedures to be carried out more securely online with public bodies and private entities. There is no need to travel, book appointments or have time off during working hours, not forgetting to mention that the way in which these digital implementations will be increasingly replicated and, helped by the accelerated development of the digital era, will be introduced to other areas and sectors as a permanent and compulsory feature.

If you have any questions regarding the digital certificate in Spain, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our consultants.

Fernando Carvalho

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