In view of the modernization of the communication system of the different bodies of the Public Administration, the Electronic Notifications will be in the near future the main means of communication between the administration with citizens and companies.


  1. Once the notifications are received, the maximum term to download them is 10 calendar days. If the electronic communications once issued by the Public Administration are not downloaded, they will be considered as accepted by the taxpayer after said term, according to Royal Decree Law 11/2018, Letter on Communication on the mandatory inclusion in the system for the electronic relationship with the public administrations issued by the State Agency of Tax Administration (AEAT), General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), among others.
  2. The maximum term to respond after downloading the notification is likewise 10 days, depending on the requirements of each administration (working or calendar), counted from the day following the download.


It is mandatory that both citizens and companies, whether residents or non-residents, who carry out any type of operation with the public administrations within the Spanish territory, have the Electronic Certificate and, at the same time, enable the respective electronic mailboxes.

Thus, negative legal consequences arising from a simple delay or oversight in the presentation of any documentation or information required by any public administration body are avoided and the procedures are expedited. This certificate is a legally valid document that identifies people online.

Arintass, within the Department of Electronic Notifications, has tools of optimum quality and a highly qualified professional team in various branches of advisory: legal, tax, labor and accounting to offer a comprehensive service with all the guarantees in line with the new requirements. These services include:

  • Obtaining the Electronic Certificate
  • Registration in the different electronic mailboxes of the administrations
  • Monitoring of the reception of notifications
  • Downloading of notifications received in due time and form
  • Valuation of the content of the notification
  • Answer in form and term of such notifications.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be at your disposal to answer your questions.

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