Producing an electronic invoice in Spain is easier than it seems. In order to produce the aforementioned invoice addressed to a public entity, you must have access to online invoicing software and submit the invoice via the E-Invoicing General Entry Point or FACe.

Firstly, you must have access to an online invoicing information system in order to generate an invoice which complies with the format established by public authorities. Secondly, the invoice must fulfil specific requirements similar to those of paper invoices.

The following items must be included in any online invoice:

  • Invoice issue date
  • Invoice number and series, which must be consecutive
  • Company name of the issuing and recipient entities
  • Tax ID. code (CIF) both of the issuer and the recipient
  • Registered address of the issuer and recipient
  • Item of the invoice, including a description of the operation
  • Tax base, VAT type and any income tax withholding, if necessary
  • Invoice total.

The third step is crucial. Before saving the invoice in the desired format, it must be validated with our electronic signature. To this end, you must have access to a digital certificate, which we can help you to obtain via Arintass. Finally, in order to send the electronic invoice in Spain, you must go to the website of the E-Invoicing General Entry Point and load the invoice so that it can be received by the corresponding public entity.

If you would like further information about how to produce an electronic invoice, our team of specialists is standing by to provide you with any assistance you may need in this regard.

Víctor Sáez

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