The alternating training contract is a type of employment contract regulated in Article 11.2 of the Workers’ Statute.

This type of contract, which is gaining popularity after the labor reform of 2022 and which gives greater weight to indefinite-term contracts, is intended to make paid work activity compatible with the corresponding training processes. This combination of study and work allows the development of specific skills of the sector in which the employees will work, increasing the possibilities of labor insertion once the contract has ended.

We must bear in mind that this modality benefits the company by providing qualified and motivated personnel, which is committed to providing the necessary training, while the employee is responsible for fulfilling the assigned tasks and following the established training plan.

It is essential that the formalization of the contract and the annex relating to the collaboration agreement signed with the training center comply with the requirements and regulations established by the State Public Employment Service.
Below, we will detail the benefits for both the company and the employee:

Benefits for the company

  • Social Security benefits
  • Monthly benefit for labor tutor

– 60 € (5 or more employees)
– 80 € (1 to 4 employees)

  • Immediate hiring
  • Incentives for conversion to indefinite-term contract for 3 years.
Woman: €1,764 per yearMan: 1,536 € per year

Benefits for employees

  • Work experience
  • Learning and personal development
  • Continuous training

– 100% online

– Online exams through the platform

– Training itinerary adapted to the occupation

  • Remuneration
  • Unemployment benefits and full Social Security coverage.

The working day can be structured in two different ways

Full time (40h per week)

  • 1st year 26 working hours and 14 training hours
  • 2nd year 34 working hours and 6 training hours

Part-time (20h per week)

  • 1st year 13 working hours and 7 training hours
  • 2nd year 17 working hours and 3 hours of training.

Limitations implied by the alternating training contract

  • This type of contract does not allow a trial period
  • No additional hours or overtime may be worked, except in cases of force majeure.

It is important to highlight that through this new modality a considerable increase in the hiring of young employees has been observed, which contributes to the reduction of the youth unemployment rate in Spain.

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