Although the property and trade Registries in Spain continue to work, but they have witnessed an exponential reduction in their workload by up to 80% since it was settle the confinement of the population of the population and the closure of most businesses in order to stop the spreading of the Covid-19 or Coronavirus. Despite the measures and technological adaptations that have been to implement to provide services during this situation.

Actually, both the property registry and the trade registry are working with the electronic procedures, the applications for the procedures requires to be performed with an Electronic Certificate and authorization so they could be allowed to present or request documentation for procedures such as:

  • Simple note of the property or geolocation
  • Simple note of the location of a property
  • Certifications
  • Access to the Web portal
  • Commercial and Trade information
  • Insolvency procedures or situations
  • Request for an extract of the trade registry
  • Real Estate information
  • Presentation of Accounting ledgers or books
  • Presentation Annual Statements
  • Sending signed documents
  • Sending public documents abroad
  • Access to electronic notifications
  • Etc.

The most requested operations during the pandemic are those related to the property, applications, mortgage cancellations, seizures, simple notes and certifications of the properties to state they are registered in the name of a person in any registry in Spain. Another frequent management that is being claimed if the deferral of payment for mortgage loans or the rental income, those were previously requested in person, but now they have to be performed with the digital procedure.

All the applications related to corporate acts, such as the legalization of accounting ledgers, annual statements works digitally since their presentation has been digitalized in past years

Our office is adapted to work electronically with all these administrations and actually carrying out the procedures daily.

At Arintass, we are provided with all the technical equipment necessary to carry out any type of management before the Trade and Property Registry, in the same way our administrative department has the necessary knowledge to manage any procedure before the Registry in Spain. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for the performance of any digital management with the Registries in Spain.

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