Currently, a high number of deaths are occurring in a short period, and this has caused many people to be forced to try and complete the form of income tax return in Spain for family members who died from the COVID-19 pandemic, which is becoming more complicated due to the paperwork required and the conditions of the lockdown.

The relatives of the deceased are required to present the personal tax return of their of the deceased before June 20th however, several prosecutors stand that the current situation will generally collapse al procedures and generate delays, surcharges and interest on arrears.

Almost 27.000 people have already died from the Coronavirus pandemic and due to the period in which the virus manifested itself, added to the speed of spreading, it has caused complications and make the processes for tax contributors more difficult. For this reason, extensions for the tax return have been considered.

Although the Income Tax Campaign started on April 1, it is true that many taxpayers will find it difficult to meet these obligations mainly for the documentation and paperwork required in relation to the deceased person. Among them in Arintass, we are in charge of managing documents, procedures and taxes related deceases relatives such as:

  • Death Certificate
  • Last will certificate
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Tax for urban areas

The heir or successor must present the income tax return on behalf of the tax payer therefore, must provide the documentation that proves it, like the certificates mentioned before, On the other hand, the current employment situation hinders many people from carrying out the procedures personally and also the mobility restrictions are the main causes that make the process difficult, especially if the move has to be between Autonomous Communities, if the relative was living abroad of if he or she is a non-resident.

In the case that the deceased taxpayer´s income the result is ¨Positive¨ it will also be necessary to present a series of documents so the heirs can request and collect the return.

In any case, legal and tax advice is recommended. In case of inheritance, questions, disputes, compensation and distribution agreements it will be necessary a professional assistance. Our company offers a comprehensive service with a highly qualified team in various branches of legal and tax advice.

In case of any clarification regarding the income tax return in Spain for family members who died from the COVID-19 pandemic, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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