The finance experts of the Tax Agency have request an extension for tax return until September, initiative taken due the strong pandemic of COVID-19, the intention is to extend the time frame of three months so tax payers and specially senior citizens could attend in person the facilities without any risks.

The growing pressure on the Ministry of finance to extend the deadline for the tax return due the COVID-19 or Coronavirus Pandemic has begun from within the tax department. The Association of Tax Technicians has asked the AEAT to extend the Personal Income Tax until the end of September, this activity started on April 1 and more than 430.000 tax returns have already been filed.

The tax agency informed days ago that they will keep the deadlines for these activities and for the moment it will end on June 30.

From Gestha (Technicians of the Ministry of Finance Ministry) they urge to follow the example of regional treasury as Guipuzcoa or Alava extending the deadline in view of the uncertainty these days and deeply linked to the duration of the pandemic and measures of the state of alarm.

This is create to aid the senior citizens who continue to opt for the physical presentation for the taxes so they could go to the facilities without risks; it is expected to begin the processing for drafts since May 13.

The extension begins from the Technicians of the Ministry of Finance and would allow 4.9 million taxpayers including 3.1 million self-employed gain time to prepare their tax return with their tax advisor, due the inconvenience caused in the current confinement.

Acknowledging that in July the tax advisors and consultants are focused on Corporate Tax Returns and that August is usually holiday for the advisors they are taking in account the possibility of giving an additional frame of time, as well as allowing the self-employed to renounce to the module system before the April 20.

Gestha has also requested to reinforce the telephone assistance plan called (Le Llamamos) that has already assisted thousands of taxpayers, a figure that will increase given the current situation. This service does not start until May 5 and the association requests that it should be brought forward to the second half of April to speed up the remote assistance and thus reduce de face-to-face assistance that received from 1.8 million taxpayers last years. The Ministry technicians estimate that 14.87 million taxpayers will receive 11.927 million in refunds, which is 70% of all returns.

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