Work experience contractThe aim of work experience contract in Spain is to enable the employee to gain experience in a field connected with his/her studies.

These contracts have a minimum duration of six months and a maximum duration of two years.

To benefit from this kind of contract, no more than 5 years may have elapsed since the qualification was obtained; this period is extended to seven years if the contract is concluded with a disabled employee.  It should also be noted that if the employee is under the age of 30, the date on which his/her qualification is obtained is not taken into consideration.

If the contract is concluded with a person under the age of thirty, or thirty-five if the employee has a recognised disability of more than 33%, the company is entitled to receive a reduction of 50% of the amount of professional contingencies charged to the company.  This reduction may be increased to 75% if, at that time, the employee was involved in unpaid work experience.

Another important benefit to take into account for this kind of contract is the discount of € 500 in the employer’s contributions for three years and € 700 if the contract has been concluded with a woman.

Unless specified otherwise by the collective agreement, the collectively-bargained pay may be reduced by up to 60% for the specific position in the first year and up to 75% in the second year.


In short, this contract is beneficial on two levels: firstly, it allows the employee to further his/her knowledge and gain experience; and secondly, it allows the company to reduce its costs.

Teresa Abril

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