Telework in SpainTelework in Spain offers extensive advantages for companies in the early business stage and in the geographical expansion stage on a national and international level, with the main aim being to reduce costs in physical infrastructure investments.

The first stage of starting or expanding a company is often connected to beginning sales processes, which entail high investment costs. As such, another option is to consider whether or not personnel can work from home.

The aims of telework in Spain

One of the aims of telework in Spain is to offer companies the flexibility of being able to implement and meet both its own and client needs with human capital. This new work philosophy is already part of the technological revolution, but it entails an adaptation to take place in the company’s vision and mission. Its main advantage is a considerable improvement regarding the corporate brand in the market, helping it to become an excellent and attractive employment option for any talent.

The advantages of telework in Spain

Telework in Spain offers endless advantages, such as:

  • Reducing fixed costs relating to physical facilities, maintenance and public services, among others.
  • Encouraging the use of state-of-the-art technologies and the automation of decentralised processes.
  • Controlling the flow of information and its encryption on virtual desktops, improving compliance with Data Protection Law.
  • Increasing candidate numbers for the HR department, as it is a more attractive option with more possibilities regarding the final agreements of the parties.
  • Increase in the business productivity through the implementation of target-focussed work.
  • Collaborators save time commuting to their place of work, which improves the work-life balance.

To the extent that the company works to unify and foster its business operations and objectives in Spain, it must parallel create a solid infrastructure that includes not only a physical space, but also human capital and technology, thereby consolidating an effective and avant-garde work method.

Finally, telework in Spain will become a great option due to offering several advantages for both the company and the personnel. It is a method in which two fundamental concepts, work life and wellbeing, in Spain are both focussed on.

Gabriela González

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