obligation of freelancers in SpainOn 6 March, the Official Spanish State Gazette issued Order ESS/214/2018, which requires self-employed workers to join the RED System and receive online notifications. This is a new obligation of freelancers in Spain (or self-employed workers). This can be carried out either directly by the self-employed professional or through a RED-authorised third party, and will be mandatory from 1 October onwards.


The RED system allows companies and self-employed workers to communicate with the General Social Security Treasury online, speeding up formalities and saving time for professionals.  To access this service, the self-employed worker must submit an application to the Treasury and have an electronic certificate, electronic ID number or Cl@ve PIN.

The obligation of freelancers in Spain

Once they are part of the system, the freelancers are required to use this channel to manage all formalities concerning membership, payments and the collection of assessed contributions.  In addition, they will be able to provide medical certificates for sick leave, extension of sick leave or end of sick leave, paternity and maternity leave dates, risk during pregnancy or breastfeeding, reduction of working hours, etc.


In short, self-employed workers have six months to join the RED System, with the possibility of delegating their Social Security formalities to offices or professionals authorised by the administration.

Teresa Abril

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