Due to globalization, more and more companies consider it necessary, to look for skilled workers outside the borders of our country, as the profiles we are looking for are technicians with specific specialization who are not easy to find here.

Therefore, in order to obtain residence and work permits for these professionals from countries who do not belong to the European Union, it is necessary to find the best way to obtain them.

Depending on the employees situation there are different procedures for obtaining this permit. In this article we will focus on highly qualified professionals from prestigious universities and business schools.

These types of permits are introduced by Law 14/2013, amended by Law 25/2015, known as the Law of Mobility which provides a simple and more agile procedure for obtaining residence and work permits.

First, it is necessary to clarify, that currently the requirement of recognized prestige does not mean any additional requirement to the mere possession of a degree obtained at a university or business school.

The procedure can be carried out electronally, having to provide the required documentation from both the company and the worker. It is important to indicate that both the required title and the criminal record must be translated and legalized in order not to delay the procedure.

This type of residence and work authorization, allows you to carry out the procedures with the professional in Spain, as long as it is legal, which reduces time limits since you should not wait for the visa to be obtained by the professional.

The law of mobility contemplates the possibility of requesting through this means the permission for the workers relatives. This type of authorization can be requested jointly with that of the highly qualified professional or successively if the relatives come later.

In summary, obtaining work and residence permits through the law of mobility has a series of advantages over the procedure established by the law of immigration.

  • This procedure does not require passing the National Employment Situation (SNE)
  • Requests are solved within 20 days, and silicence is positive
  • The procedure can be carried out with the professional in Spain, provided that he or she stays legally, for example as a tourist or student
  • Allows the application for residence and work authorization for family members jointly.

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