Due to the continuous modernization and updating of the communication systems of the different bodies of the Public Administration, electronic notifications are now the only means of communication between the administration with citizens and companies.

By the Enabled Electronic Address (DEH), any individual or legal entity had an electronic mailbox for the reception of electronic notifications corresponding to those procedures to which they voluntarily subscribed.

As of September 6, the migration from the DEH to the single Enabled Electronic Address (DEHú) takes place. This is a new communication channel of the State Agencies where, in a single mailbox, all notifications and communications of the different Public Administrations are available.

With the entry into force of the DEHú, according to Royal Decree 203/2021, of March 30, in Article 42 on the practice of notifications through electronic means, it is established in point no. 5 that:

«Any notification whose issuer belongs to the state scope referred to in Article 1.2 of this Regulation shall be made available to the interested party through the single Enabled Electronic Address, including the case provided for in Article 42.1 of Law 39/2015, of October 1. Likewise, state-wide issuers may notify in their electronic headquarters or associated electronic headquarters in a complementary manner to the making available in the single Enabled Electronic Address.»

The DEHú aims to facilitate, both for citizens and companies, all the management normally involved in a communication issued by a state agency (receipt, access, appearance, reply, etc.) in order to avoid negative legal consequences arising from a simple delay or oversight in the submission of any documentation or information required by any agency.

There are two ways of access:

  • Through the portal (https://se-dehu.redsara.es), authenticating with electronic certificate or Cl@ve PIN
  • Through web services for mass downloading of notifications offered by DEHú.

In order to allow time for the adaptation of the necessary developments, there will be a transitional period during which the sending of notifications to the DEH will be maintained. At the end of this transitional period (expected in the last quarter of 2021), no notifications will be sent to the DEH.

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