Overview of Transfer of Assets Tax in Spain (ITP)

Transfer of Assets Tax in Spain (ITP) is paid when a person acquires property. It is payable to the Autonomous Community where the property is located. Each Autonomous Community sets their own tax rates and provides fiscal valuations for property, but the actual property value can be declared.

A Guide to Buying Property in Spain

Spain´s strong property market makes it a good destination for property investors and expatriates. There are a series of steps to be taken when buying property in Spain as a foreigner as well as several costs associated with property purchases which merit consideration.

Form 202: payments on account of Corporation Tax in Spain

The rules and grounds of Tax Form 202 established in Royal Decree 634/2015 of 10 July, approving the Regulations of Corporation Tax. The Tax Form 202 is used to make payments on account of the Corporation Tax in Spain for both natural and legal persons, whether they are residents or not, provided they have a permanent establishment in national territory.