Processing of sick leave in Spain

In Spanish companies, workers may sometimes be given sick leave due to illness or an accident (sick leave in Spain). Temporary Incapacity (known by the initials IT in Spanish) is the name given to a situation that prevents a person from working for a certain period of time.

Paid leave in Spain

Employees often enquire about whether they are entitled to leave from work for one reason or another and one may be unsure if they are entitled to the leave on the requested grounds. Legislation provides that all employees in Spain are entitled to leave from their place of work on justified grounds and for a fixed period of time, with a right to pay (paid leave in Spain).

Extra hours and overtime in Spain

Controlling the working day is usually a problem for the employer, either because they don´t want their workers to feel controlled, because they don´t know which system to implement or because they are not interested in controlling the overtime in Spain. It is important that companies keep track of the days worked by their staff, so as to control the hours worked by each employee and have a justification for any legal issue.

Per diem allowances in Spain – social security and taxes

The number of employees that have to travel for work reasons is increasing. As such, companies have to cover the expenses of these trips through what are known as per diem allowances (or expenses payments). The concept of per diem allowances in Spain, particularly their work and taxation processing, can cause confusion and doubts when implementing them in the company.